Thought I would share some info for those members on here who are just starting out & are interested in applying ratings to races. This could be used as a starting point for yourself or it may not suit you at all. In any case we all want to learn & become better punters so it's free & do with it as you will.

Years ago I made a easy 100 point rating system. Based mainly on class it took in win %, current form, track conditions, Distance, wins at the track, barrier & weight.

I have since learned that Winning Post Whiteway Ratings is worked out in a similar way. (Great minds maybe. Probably not lol)

This is the points given to each criteria.

Earnings (Average Prize Money Earnings)
#1 20pts
#2 18pts
#3 16pts
#4 14pts
#5 12pts
#6 10pts
#7 8pts
#8 6pts
#9 4pts
#10 2pts

So you would go through the field & give 20 pts to the highest & than 18pts to the 2nd highest & so on.

Win % (Win Strike rate)
50% + 20pts
45-49 18pts
40-44 16pts
35-39 14pts
30-34 12pts
25-29 10pts
20-24 8pts
00-19 4pts

Form (Current Form)
Won-1 length 18pts
1.1-2 lengths 15pts
2.1-3 lengths 12pts
3.1-4 lengths 9pts
4.1-5 lengths 6pts

These are finish margins at previous start. So for example if a horse finished 2nd by 1/2 a length it would be given 18pts. Now if a horse is 1st or 2nd up you can take these into account instead of the margin last start.

1st & 2nd Up
50%+ 18pts
Has won previously 1st or 2nd up 12pts
has placed recently 1st or 2nd up 6pts

So if a horse has won 2/3 2nd up it would be awarded 18pts because it's win percentage is higher than 50%.

Track Conditions
50%= 12pts
won 9pts
placed 6pts
Not Raced in the conditions 8pts
Not Placed 0pts

50%+ 12pts
Won 9pts
Placed 6pts
Not Raced 8pts
Not Placed 0pts

50%_ 12pts
Won 9pts
Placed 6pts
Not Raced 8pts
Not Placed 0pts

1st-4th 6pts
5th-8th 4pts
9th 12th 2pts
13+ 0pts

Subtract 1(One) point for every kilo over the minimum off final total amount of points.

Sample race Kembla R3 Dapto Leagues Club (BM65)
1 Ailuros 47pts
2 Goldclip 53pts
3 Hard To Hold 50.5pts
4 Rock On Up 63.5pts
5 Sratched
6 Life Of Reilly 37pts
7 Goodlookin'rooster 60pts
8 Tabletop 78pts
9 Pumping Iron 33pts
10 Thelma's Choice 47.5pts
11 Top Rankin 10pts
12 Lambeau 30pts

Top 5
8 Tabletop 78pts
4 Rock On Up 63.5pts
7 Goodlookin'rooster 60pts
2 Goldclip 53pts
3 Hard To Hold 50.5pts

So much more you can do with the final ratings. For example you can handicap them to give a $(dollar) value. You can even add more criteria & give it a point value. Change the points around to suit yourself.