Hey Guys,

I am trying to put together a book designed to help a new or existing owners get the best experience owning a racehorse. I want to make sure it’s really good so I am putting together a simple survey to make sure I answer any questions that normal people would like answered about racehorse ownership and how to make the best experiences and success from it.

So I have got a question a favour and a gift:
1. What is Your #1 Question / Concern related to today’s Racehorse Syndications and Partnerships?
2. Would you post your question at: https://markb99.clickfunnels.com/ausraceownguide
3. If you do post your question I will send you a free copy of this book before it reaches the market (should be ready in a few weeks) and a $500 voucher on your future purchase of a share through selected Australian Racehorse Syndicators.

Sounds good?

Thanks Guys