Here the list of 28 runners Chris Waller has nominated for Rosehill tomorrow

28Jun14 Winx RHIL Race: 1 No: 3 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Abbasso RHIL Race: 2 No: 1 Tye Angland
28Jun14 Mamwaazel RHIL Race: 2 No: 2 Serg Lisnyy (a3)
28Jun14 Black Revolver RHIL Race: 2 No: 5 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Acapela (NZ) RHIL Race: 3 No: 1 Brenton Avdulla
28Jun14 Sense And Reason RHIL Race: 3 No: 4 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Forever Crazy RHIL Race: 3 No: 5 Tye Angland
28Jun14 The Alfonso RHIL Race: 4 No: 1 Tye Angland
28Jun14 El Doute RHIL Race: 4 No: 2 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Enormous Honour RHIL Race: 4 No: 3 Kerrin Mc Evoy
28Jun14 Permit (GB) RHIL Race: 5 No: 2 Tim Clark
28Jun14 Hoylonny RHIL Race: 5 No: 3 Kerrin Mc Evoy
28Jun14 Secessio (GB) RHIL Race: 5 No: 5 Tye Angland
28Jun14 Mulaqen (GB) RHIL Race: 5 No: 8 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Tromso RHIL Race: 6 No: 1 Joshua Parr
28Jun14 Coup Ay Tee (NZ) RHIL Race: 6 No: 2 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Bagman RHIL Race: 6 No: 3 Serg Lisnyy (a3)
28Jun14 Eigelstein (GB) RHIL Race: 6 No: 4 Blake Shinn
28Jun14 Tougher Than Ever (NZ) RHIL Race: 6 No: 5 Brenton Avdulla
28Jun14 Disciple RHIL Race: 6 No: 9 Kerrin Mc Evoy
28Jun14 Black Jag RHIL Race: 7 No: 1 Serg Lisnyy (a3)
28Jun14 Done Nothin' Wrong RHIL Race: 7 No: 6 Tye Angland
28Jun14 Saigon Tea (NZ) RHIL Race: 7 No: 7 Jason Collett
28Jun14 Field Marshall RHIL Race: 8 No: 7 Tye Angland

Now just for sh**s and giggles, how about we all nominate how many winners WE think he'll produce??
I saw the market on sky this arvo, if I can find it I'll paste it to the bottom of this post!

Good luck Chrisso!