Seemingly drama is never far away from this racing series with allegations of drug taking / masking (Chef), overnominating and under nominating (Brystar) along with dual nominating (Wynneboy in r3), along with Might and Power under investigation for stealing Apache Cats' blaze. Nates Nags was also questioned about being 1 minute late entering the course and severely reprimanded by Stewards and being warned that any further late appearances will be looked upon unfavourably.

And now to the race itself with the horses called Swedish style (your horse is the number from the barrier draw)....

And they jump cleanly away from the gates with the exception of the #4 horse caught basking in the praise of the #5 horse.
They setle into stride and the series leader battles with the n14,n13,n16 &n1 horse at the 1800m mark.

As they hit the 1600m it's the #17 horse bolting around the field taking the lead from the n7 horse. The earlier front runners sit a fair way back, followed by the rest of the field.

At the 1400 it's still the n17 horse from the n7 horse. The n3 horse is third with the n10 horse just behind him. They are chased by the initial leaders as the n5,n6 &n12 horses make up some ground.The others trail the field by many lengths.

1200 to go and the front runners dominate with n17 maitaining the pace ahead of n7. n3 moves up towards n10 who's chasing the leaders now.with a gap back the 14 horse then the rest of the field.

1000 out and the 17 horse increases the pressure with the 7 horse trying to keep up &the 10 horse making a big move around the 12's outside.

As they go to the pole after being obscured by unusual fog it's Jayztips ahead of Wynneboy, from Skybeau (the only ones in profit), beating home Chargrilled, Lilydale Steve, Wardi, Might and Power, Brystar, Cobb73, Patg237, Gartman, Mr Sweden, Cracka, Badmandarin, Chef, NotTooSharp, Blackadder and Nates Nags.

Official times to follow.