No, not those that go running to Teacher because you farted in class.

They are actually DOBS (Double or Bust).

The plan is to find a runner/s that will trade to HALF it's back SP thus doubling your dough.

Here is how it works:
BACK your runner for $100 (we will use $100 for reporting purposes) then LAY your runner for $200 at HALF the BACK odds.
When (it will, won't it?) it trades to half the back odds you have doubled your $100 no matter where the pony finishes.

Pretty simple. Naturally you will need a 51%+ strike rate to succeed long term but that is very obtainable. Your runner also needs to be >=$2.02 to qualify although I personally do not target runners that short, as they have to be winning the race.

As I identify runners I will post them here. UK only for myself though.

Feel free to have a crack for any meeting covered by Betfair if the inclination bites you.

The other option that I will take on occasions will be the TREB, Treble or bust. Same deal but the LAY is for $300 at ONE THIRD the BACK odds.

Not everyones glass of Jungle Juice but when done with patience can be a nice earner.

Please, no farting.