Hey Everyone,

We are holding a tipping competition on Saturday at Gold Coast.

Register: http://www.racingfans.com.au/register

Prize: RacingFans.com.au t-shirt, stubby holder and bottle opener keyring.

Rules: All tips for the days competition must be posted before Race 1 at the respective track.

Scores will be based on a $1 each way bet (losing bets do not receive deductions), a late scratching of a tip will result in that user getting the sub for that state eg Melbourne will use Vic Tab sub.

** When posting your tips please include the runners name and number **


Race 1:
Race 2:
Race 3:
Race 4:
Race 5:
Race 6:
Race 7:
Race 8:

Read more about our tipping competitions: http://www.racingfans.com.au/forum/general/weekly-tipping-competitions_771

Winning this competition will see the All Aged Stakes trophy added to your profile.

Fields: http://www.racingfans.com.au/fields/gold-coast

Form: http://racingfans.com.au/form-guide/gold-coast

Odds: http://www.racingfans.com.au/odds/gold-coast