Miss Express - Toowoomba R4 No.6 (1200m): Run on well on debut from back and wide on corner looking for further BRIS 5/11/13. Stood in barrier BRIS 18/12/13 took no part. Nice win BRIS 15/3/14.

Felton Phantom - Toowoomba R5 No.6 (1200m): Got home well in straight after winner kicked away 1st up BRIS 26/3/14.

Trail Boss - Toowoomba R6 No.9 (1200m): Mid field pushed out on corner was coming home with run late in straight BRIS 28/12/13. Got back in field BRIS 8/2/14 coming home very strong up fence with run to just miss. Warming to win got back was doing best work late looking for further BRIS 22/2/14. Big weight couldn't pick them up in wet watch next few BRIS 26/3/14.

Interlude - Toowoomba R8 No.6 (1050m): Running on well late from back 1st up BRIS 1/3/14. Nice win BRIS 2/4/14 mid field on fence switched for run in straight stomred home last 100.